The online shopping tips

Now in the network age, online shopping has been very mature from a technical perspective. People can buy almost all the goods all over the world from home, play online games, make Internet phone calls, chat on the internet, and go to a bank website for remittance or paying the phone bill. The network brings great convenience to life. However, some people are worried about network security, afraid of being cheated or the disclosure of personal information, so many people scarely use network for shopping or trading. In fact the best defense is to learn how to distinguish the true from the false and correctly use network, in order to effectively avoid being deceived.

on line shopping tips

Take online shopping as an example. Firstly, check the site credibility. Generally, in order to increase the customer’s trust, web site has relatively complete formalities on the web for visitors to see, such as web site number for the record, and the business license photocopies, etc. Secondly, it is the online payment. There are several online payment companies in China: e-bank online payment, PayPal, cncard, easyeb, and Taobao alipay, etc. Through them you can choose your bank and on the bank’s web site you can enter the card number, password and other information to complete payment.

Distribution in general can be express or the post office parcel. The former costs a little bit more, but you can enjoy a door-to-door service while you have to go to the post office in person to fetch your parcel, which is more trouble. The first online shopping is adviced to buy some standard goods of low prices as a try.

The director general of Foreign Trade Association: the social compliance, the Chinese suppliers are more than 60 percent

Agyan, the director general of Foreign Trade Association who has just attended the ninth Ministerial Conference of the WTO visited Shanghai yesterday and received the interview of medium about the ten anniversary of the establishment of Business Social Compliance Initiative launched by FTA. Agyan said that more than 60 percent of China’s compliance manufacturers are in accordance with BSCI standards. While, there are still deficiency in working hours, wages, health and safety of workplace. It is reported that BSCI plans to invest3 times of resources next year to provide professional training for China’s enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to make them meet the demands of international market.
chinese foreign trade

The BSCI advocated by FTA has covered more than 1000 Multi-National Corporations of European countries, aiming at improving the working environment of all industries and procurement countries of the worldwide supply chain, promoting sustainable production. The standards of behavior include freedom of association, negotiation rights of collective bargaining, no forced labor, no discrimination, the safety and health of workplace, prohibition of hiring children, paying attention to environmental protection, implementation of the statutory minimum wage or industry standard, having the social responsibility of the regulations, working hours in accordance with local laws, not more than 48+12 hours a week, anti corruption, bribery policy etc..

According to the “BSCI Research” report of University of St Gallen in Switzerland in June, by the end of 2011, the main source of enterprises participating BSCI are China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Vietnam, which accounts for nearly 89% of all involved producers. In 3 years of audit cycle, the ratio of manufacturers of the five major procurement sources has risen from an average of 34% in 2008 rose to 40% in 2012.

It is reported that China is the biggest sources of procurement. In more than 612000000000 euro of annual purchase value in more than 1000 companies involved in BSCI, nearly 70% is from China. In the trade process between European enterprises and China, the awareness of Chinese suppliers of social responsibility standards has markedly improved, which has risen from 18% in 2008 to the current more than 60%. This rising rate is the highest in the major source countries of procurement.

This does not mean that Chinese suppliers are impeccable. At present, Swiss fashion company Lindex has 85 suppliers in China. The procurement in finished in 153 factories. The purchases in China accounted for 44% of the global. The manager of social responsibility and quality department of Lindex Company, Yuan Ruixue, yesterday said that the domestic suppliers have to improve in overtime working, wage compensation, safe and healthy working environment and the behavior of management.

Yiwu turns to the “hug” of foreign trade dealers and builds “global online goods center”

New network of Shanghai on 15 August, (reporter Li Jiajia) Selling Yiwu products to the global market, now in the severe exporting environment, Yiwu took the first step to “turn” to online shopping. 

Just as what was said before, are electric businesses the “gravedigger” of small commodity wholesale market? The answer is no. On 15th, Wang Shutong, the founder and CEO of, Chinese well-known foreign trade business platform told media in Shanghai the “epoch-making” strategic steps of Yiwu market: Yiwu Municipal People’s government is cooperating with the DH-gate net to build “Yiwu global online goods center” together.

In the past 20 years, foreign trade merchants from the domestic and abroad got together in this place located in central part of Zhejiang province, an insignificant city, then Yiwu achieved the reputation of world’s small commodity wholesale market. However, with the forever gone of the golden age of traditional foreign trade, the situation of overseas customers coming in crowd reduced. The first problem they are facing is what Yiwu will make next step?

Developing foreign trade business seems to be the best choice of Yiwu market. More than 70000 businesses and tens of millions of kinds of commodities achieve seamless docking business platform. In the future, buyers from all over the world can make directly, through the warehousing logistics system of integration, the Yiwu commodities can be sold directly on the global market through online wholesale sales. This is the future operating mode of “Yiwu global online goods center”.

In fact, the turning of Yiwu to electric business is not accomplished at one stroke. People often say, walking in the Yiwu, the world’s small commodities wholesale market, it still takes you 3 months to go to each booth. Just because of this scale advantage, unlike Dongguan of Guangdong, Yiwu survived the impact brought by the sharp fall of foreign trade export during financial crisis; this is like “boiling frog in warm water” that results in the lack of dynamics of change.

For the “turning”, Secretary of the CPC Yiwu Municipal Committee Li Yifei said, as the world’s largest small commodity market, it is undergoing a great transformation.

In recent years, Yiwu gave play to the advantages of rich online goods resources, wholesome credit management system, convenient and developed logistics, develop the electronic commerce vigorously and realize the mutual win-win situation of entity and virtual market, achieving substantive results. Li Yifei said, at present, Yiwu City e-commerce industry is booming, especially cross-border e-commerce is developing very fast.

Starting late is really bad? The answer is still no. In the past, foreign trade B2B just showed information. As for inventory, quantity and quality, they had to communicate off the line. This kind of displaying information mode can’t meet the needs of online shopping of overseas buyers. While Yiwu global online goods center is matched with complete online supply chain of online and offline storage & logistics system, payment and service, to ensure that the Yiwu small commodities market can provide the global market with complete and timely goods. This was also seen as a major innovation of foreign trade in the field of B2B.

5 skills you must learn about online shopping

DHgate-wholesale online-shop

Money-saving skills for online shopping

 1 Choose big brands, no inferior brands

Online goods should have standard size and no need to try on first. If you want to buy clothes and shooes, you’d better try to write down the article number from the shopping malls and then purchase online. Because there are only pictures and descriptions by sellers online, so it’s important to choose big brands.

 2 First shop online from your city

You can try first to shop online from your city. not only it costs little freight, but also you can find the seller if there is any problem.

 3 Ask for invoices when shopping electrical appliances online

Prices of some small home appliances on Taobao are attractive. But a lot of them exclude invoice prices. You’d better ask for invoices even if you have to pay more, because it would be convenient so as to guarantee in the future.

4 Cautious about online bad review

In general, choose sellers with more than one drill, because 1 drill is equivalent to more than 250 good reviews. In Taobao’s credit system, it is difficult to get 1 drill through hypes. There are almost no sellers with 100% good reviews. So when you visit a new seller, look at the detail content of medium reviews and bad reviews. If the problem is about packing or shipping, it is negligible. However, if it is about the quality of products, you have to think seriously whether to buy or not. Moreover, the explanations from sellers are also important. Sellers with high credits will explain patiently and nicely, no personal abuse to buyers.

 5 Benefits for group buy

In order to save the freight fees, you can group buy what you want in one shop online after you search and scan the shop all over.

The wholesalers: wander before the gate of the e-business

Compared with the retails, the wholesalers’ impact by the e-business is relatively short. Faced to the online purchasing of the clothes, the wholesalers consider a lot. And there are three modes as  follows: one is just have the off-line business, and don’t supply goods for the online shops,another is supply goods for both the online and off-line shops; and the third one is supply only for the online shops, not for the off-line shops.


Compared with the tangle of wholesalers, electricity traders mentality is much more active, they did not think of themselves as traditional wholesalers competitors, they emerged as gesture of partners, to popular new concept into wholesale all kinds of electrical business mind.

Markets: wants to cooperate and also has a sense of worrying

The e-business merchants compete in the wholesale clothes market, for the merchants of the traditional market, they have complex mindset, they want to cooperate as well as worrying. In the past, the online retailers did good, and many wholesalers did well off-line, they are too busy to consider the online businesses. In recent years, the wholesalers don’t feel very well after a period of try in the e-business area, because they are not familiar with the e-business principles, which are two totally different industry minds. Now the beneficial period of the e-business was passed. Even in the online shops, the commerce can’t escape from the “two-eight principle”, business includes both success and failure. The key is the boss himself, whether he has the e-business awareness and the opening envision, or the rights he gives to the e-business is enough.

And of course, we should take consideration of the factual persons whether they suit the e-business. Clothing wholesalers from offline to online, and the team and person are the most critical question, and now they lack talents.

With the costs increasing and the sale decreasing, the wholesalers tend to the e-business


In the Autumn and Winter clothing wholesale market, the price is increasing a lot, but that can’t deter the decreasing of the profits. Many clothes wholesalers said that the increasing clothes prices don’t bring them much profits, on the contrary, the general clothes profits is decreasing and the sales of the clothes also decreasing.

    The general whole clothes wholesale condition is decreasing and the sales quantity is also decreasing. Together with the increasing of the costs, the conditions of the clothes wholesalers become more hard.

    And many clothes wholesalers began to find ways out under the difficult situations. “From the end of last year I began to sell clothes online and hoped to improve the sale quantity. And I found the result is decent.” In deed, the Internet has become the oppotunity for the wholesalers. At the same time, a lot of domestic brands clothes e-business websites appeared, which supply good technology support and ways for the clothes wholesalers, and provide rapid ways for the wholesalers to enter the wholesale online at a low costs.

    According to the author, is the domestic numerous professional clothing wholesale clothing networking started as early as in the electric business platform, do a good site. Relying on clothing online purchase clothing stores more than 790000, more than 9000 clothing wholesalers in garment network, the scale of the sellers and buyers are among the industry first, is the new leader in China’s clothing wholesale. The broad customer resources, for clothing wholesalers all over the country, bring in more business opportunities, get rid of the status quo of sales is blocked.


Eurasian group intend to invest 300 million to built the tonghua shopping center




Eurasian group evening announcement said in December, 2012, and the board of directors of the company adopted the “wholly owned subsidiary of Changchun Eurasian group Tonghua Eurasian shopping center co. LTD. Construction engineering project investment bill”.

The board of directors after careful research, agreed to Tonghua Eurasian self-raised funds investment 300 million yuan, the construction of shopping center Tonghua Eurasian construction project.The post said, tonghua Eurasian shopping center construction project is in the original tonghua Eurasian issue construction based on three layers of commercial housing.  After the completion of the project construction, Tonghua Eurasian construction area of 64000 square meters of the original increased to 128000 square meters, in TongHuaShi scale of operation is the largest, most complete varieties, the business management highest level, business environment the best shopping center position will be enhanced. Tonghua Eurasian construction project put into use, is expected to average annual rate of return on investment for the investment of 4% – 6%.Announcement said tonghua construction project, is the Eurasian Tonghua.

Eurasian development strategy important action.  It will not only improve the Tonghua Eurasian scale management ability, market competition ability and economic benefit, and to promote the sustained and healthy development, and for the future financial position and operating results have a positive impact.At the same time, the prosperity of Tonghua business market, meet the residents consumption, pull the local economy will play a positive role.      


BLK MARKET – synchronous sale & focus brand


All the products are BLK MARKET with New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan and Paris, European MARKET mainstream high-end department stores or store synchronous listed, such as Nordstrom, Macy ‘s, etc., and most of the goods in China will be the sole BLK MARKET sales.

BLK MARKET agents and distribution brand as many as dozens of, covering from twenty – 45 years old of modern city female consumer groups, design, degree of repetition less will also be different window.

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CHINESE LAUNDRY by Robert and Goldman was founded in 1971, headquartered in Los Angeles, California .

CHINESE LAUNDRY every season breakthrough design style, the impact of the numerous young fashionable women, it is good quality, price, unique design of perfect combination of footwear.

Pour la Victoire by European design company and reform the spiritual inspiration, we designed for both traditional personality tide female design of footwear.

Handmade, high quality leather and fine detail attracts many followers.

Pour la Victoire shops all over Europe and the United States many high-end shopping center, and also in the world with more than 300 the most unique store.

The brand in a social celebrities and famous people for the high-heeled shoes, boots, sandals and sports shoes to the new round of chase after hold in both hands.


Steps to decorate the personality cars with Led strip lights


The chassis decoration. Want to let the car chassis you become colorful, want to come. The LED lamp belt according to your idea is fixed, the power supply is connected to the ignition source of the car. So, when you are running or emergency stop, your beautiful car chassis began to glow, if there is an emergency, can also be used to help the red warning and chassis, is it really good ?

Led strip lights application in automobile decoration is still on its primary stage, there is no a few car above useful LED lamp with decoration. So, let us Guanghong electronic and you build up your personal car.

super bright led

The first step, the brake lights. Now most of the domestic automobile brake lights are in the rear side, brake lights let’s personality. Led strip lights, do you like shape according to the pattern or word, there is excess or insufficient Led strip lights, how to do with it? It doesn’t matter, it can be arbitrarily cut, also can be connected, does not affect the forming also won’t produce waste. Well after the paste in the car after you think the best position, and then the power supply in parallel power brake light. So, when you step on the brake when the brake light words, your personality or luminous pattern is automatically displayed, Can be monochrome light, also can be red, green, blue, white colour turns flashing, like traffic lights, is it ery interesting ?

The second step, the chassis decoration. Want to let the car chassis you become colorful, want to come. The LED lamp belt according to your idea is fixed, the power supply is connected to the ignition source of the car. So, when you are running or emergency stop, your beautiful car chassis began to glow, if there is an emergency, can also be used to help the red warning and chassis, is it really good ?

The third step, car inner decoration. Is it right? Looking at the car interior lights? Is it right? You car lighting is not bright enough? It doesn’t matter, LED lamp belt can help you. The 5050 led strip lights, according to the design position paste their fixed, and then connected to the power supply, it is best to car audio link. In this way, you can enjoy the bright lights inside the car and colourful visual enjoyment, feel the car PARTY atmosphere.

In a word, you can use the Led strip lights, put your car dressed as a bride floats attack general beautiful, if the police find trouble, can let it the brightest, the arc quenching, Is it very exciting ? But remind, decoration to decoration, if will create a security risk if rejected, the security is the most important link in the pursuit of personality don’t neglect.

Wireless spy camera video meeting application

home security camera installation

In a video conference application
A large enterprise branch offices throughout the province, local business scene were installed Wireless spy camera video surveillance system. The company often through video conferencing software organizations province-wide meetings. User wishes via video conferencing software, in addition to be able to see beyond the participants in the meeting during the discussion, but also often need to move some production operations transferred out of the picture shows the scene for discussion. Since video conferencing software with a network camera interface, we have developed a set of video conferencing for virtual webcam software:

Meet customer needs is critical to the PIP function in the previous section, based on the realization of a picture is a real webcam images collected (usually participants), another screen is a Wireless spy camera video monitoring system transmits over the image (usually production and operation of on-site), combine to form PIP, through the virtual camera is displayed.

Get real webcam images collected with WIA, DirectShow, VFW and other types of technology, usually means is retrieved from the cache via the clipboard and convert to bitmap images, but this way there is the frame rate, is not compatible with multi-threading and other issues. The study, we adopted the VFW callback function, access to the wireless security cameras to capture a bitmap, you can achieve a high frame rate, low CPU utilization results.