Shopping strategy to save money in The United States

Shopping strategy

The United States is known as a shopping paradise. There are several money-saving strategies
shopping at discount retailers
1.: some discount retailers sell goods which are short in size and rejected by those big department store, such as Marshalls, TJMax, Burlington Factory, Loehmann’s. the price is very low.

Shopping strategy-Factory outlets

2. Factory outlets: many big brands have factory outlets, which are concentrated distribution. They can really fulfill the one-stop shopping proposition. These big brands include Gucci, Tod’s, Cole Hann, Burberry and so on, also include some common brands, such as Polo, CK, Nike, Adidas. The price in these outlets is much lower than that in big department store. Certainly, the style of the goods is also a little different. Most Chinese visitors like shopping in thses outlets.

Shopping online

3. Shopping online: some brands’ official sites also often offer discounts, such as ; we can always find a lot of good commodity.

shopping-Use Coupon

4.Use Coupon more: there are often discount information and vouchers in the newspapers、magazines and leaflets. You can save a large amount of money if you wisely use these vouchers. We can also find electric Coupon online, such as

Shopping in a Supermarket

5. Shopping in a Supermarket: in most supermarkets, vegetables and bread are cheaper at night than in the morning.

All in all, we should have a plan to go shopping. You can save a large amount of money if you can make a shopping plan according to the Special offers of the stores.


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