Disadvantages of Shopping Online

shopping online

1. There is a big gap between real object and photo

People can only see pictures of goods when shopping online. People will feel different when getting the real object.

2. Cannot try on

Shopping online is just to see pictures and simple introduction of articles. For clothes or shoes, people cannot directly see whether they are suitable.

3. Online payment is not safe

What people most worry about shopping online is that a bank account is needed. some friends’ computers have pilfer date Trojan, which can cause some serious circumstances, such as losing the account. So everyone tries not to choose the Internet cafes and other public places when shopping online. People’s own computers must also ensure they are installed normal antivirus software before shopping online.

online shopping

4. Credit

It means the owner’s credit rating. If the owner has poor quality of service, he will become impatient after asking a few questions. People are often deceived when shopping online.

5. The speed of delivery

Goods bought on the internet should also through the distribution, which needs one or two days to a week or more.

6. Returning goods is inconvenient

Although returning goods also requires a complex procedure in reality, returning online is relatively more difficult.



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