Every Shoppingholic Loves Bangkok (2)


Night market

If you have interest at online stalls to pick up the things and enjoy the fun of bargaining, you absolutely cannot miss Bangkok‘s night market. SUAN-LUM NIGHT BAZZAR is the most famous one, Thailand tourism department officially designated NIGHT market. The area is so large that one night time you cannot go over it. In these stalls you can find handicrafts, clothes and food rich in local characteristics of the place.

Here also gather a lot of restaurants and bars. Being tired, you can go directly here to have dinner or a glass of beer.


The OUTLETS factory store

This time we trip via Hua-Hin, the distance about 3 hours’ drive from Bangkok. In the distance, there are at least three OUTLETS. The discounts here are really quite good. LEVIS, Crocodile are cheaper brands, but here is much cheaper. Because when we were here, we hadn’t shopped in Bangkok and bought few. After comparing, I just think OUTLETS discounts were really good.



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