Shopping Guide in Taiwan

meat balls in taiwan food

Food: if buying food in Taiwan, you must buy dried beef, nougat, plum, Oolong tea. There are also other delicious food, including Montenegro pork, Mashu, Oriental beauty tea, a variety of high mountain tea, and freshwater fish cakes. Buying Taiwan snacks is a very important thing for people travelling in Taiwan.

Cigarettes: if you want to buy cigarettes in Taiwan, then go to duty-free shops, where the cigarettes are very cheap. But you had better go to tobacco monopoly bureau to buy cigarettes.


If you want to buy local cigarettes, cigarette longevity is a good choice. Besides, Mild Sevens is also very cheap in Taiwan.

Tips about tax refund in Taiwan: According to the Taiwan authorities, Consumers who buy more than 3,000 TWD commodities at a particular merchant (generally large shopping mall) can apply for tax refund. Attention: only the commodities bought within a month before consumers leave Taiwan can be applied for tax refund. After completing refund formalities with valid certificates in shopping malls, consumers can receive the final tax refund in customs when leaving Taiwan.



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