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I have been thinking to write something about shopping in the United States, but do not dare to do, because the shopping contents really are too wide! The United States shopping channels are really too many: online shopping, shopping malls, OUTLET, mail order, supermarkets, souvenir shops, the pharmacy shop like cvs/ walgreens etc. In short, I call the United States of America the world’s shopping paradise.

I will introduce to you some stuff worth to buy in the US.

Skin care products and cosmetics


This is a well-established manufacturer of cosmetics in America. Looking at the packaging you will know the products are of pure natural formulas. Its lip balms No.1 are well-known to every family in America. Keihl’s most famous products at home are the make-up water one like rose, cucumber, marigold water of which the small cucumber water price is the cheapest and the Marigold is the most expensive. In addition, I strongly recommend Keihl’s star products, the lycopene skin care series of good reputation in the USA suitable for the women aged 26 and above.



It is also a pure natural skin care brand. The clay doll mask, Checks and Balances cleansing, drink up moisturizing mask, the miracle and relieve facial mask is at home best-sellers. The head skin care series is Modern Friction, coupled with the recent products mushroom anti-aging series recommended by Department of Dermatology doctors. Origins also have a body care series, but the price is not cheap.

As for the brands like Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oreal selling in the supermarket cannot be found in mall. Supermarket perfume is also much cheaper than in China.

It is recommended that the in the supermarket bee set series especially the hand cream can be bought to be presents.

The body shop loved by girls is much cheaper than that of Hongkong when at discounts.

Finally, to recommend a brand: The Bath &Body Works





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