Shanghai Shopping Streets

Shopping Streets

Shanghai shopping streets gather too many beautiful and personalized buildings, and the top items are willing to choose to be located here.

Nanjing West Road

This street is not as crowded as Nanjing road. Each person on Nanjing West Road seem to take care of this rare clean atmosphere, and quietly select the commodities.

Expensive things can not only represent power and nobility, but also represent the life attitude; what is more, it may represent the mood at some moment!

Huaihai Zhong Road

Compared with the superior attitude of Nanjing West Road, Huaihai Zhong Road is as if to be conspicuously approaching: from seemingly “lonely” Maison Mode to the crowded Huaihai Road Pacific, Huaihailu Road Parkson.

Apart from large department stores, a lot of delicate brand stores and exclusive stores are open at the right place. Be aware at any time that on the advertisement of the doors you will find the good discounts opportunities!

Shopping Streets

Shaanxi Nan Road

It is a personalized street connecting the Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road. There are lots of shops with totally different decoration styles making people very dizzy.

Although each is big to dozens of square meters, and small to a few square meters, they are unique to be the only shop to own certain items, and the price is much lower than that of the department stores.

Don’t forget that the bargaining is an art!







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