Shopping in Taipei—— Strategies of Name Brand Shopping


A great many world brands are sold in the department stores in Taipei. Located in the downtown area, they are decorated to be avant-garde and comfortable. Even if you do not buy anything, to walk around and have a look is also a kind of enjoyment.

In these stores, you are suggested to buy three kinds of famous brand products.

One, cosmetics. The cosmetics here are not only authentic and in wide range, and the price is 1/4 – 1/3 cheaper than that of the mainland China. The stores will often have a gift or lucky draw to send. You can also choose to buy the shampoo, hair care products. The washing, hair care products produced by the local are of different varieties and good quality.


Two, shoes. The footwear industry in the island of Taiwan is very well developed. Although these years most of shoe factories in Taiwan has been transferred to the mainland China, the Taiwan shoes generally are with a good style, good quality and a reasonable price.

Three, brand clothing. Taipei department stores in Taipei will generally have amazing discounts. If you travel to Taipei just in time for a discount, you cannot miss it!







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