Shopping in Thailand


Thailand “means “the land of the freedom”. To go shopping in Thailand is to feel the different style of Thailand and the different scenery. The local flavor handicrafts fascinate many people; the most distinctive place is the flea markets where is so interesting that makes you not leave.

Phuket in Thailand

The old streets on Phuket Island is full of exotic customs of Southeast Asia, where in addition to the tourism and shopping, you are more able to relax yourself to experience the lively Thailand traditional market. Here you will not only find a lot of high quality and inexpensive goods, but also feel more deeply traditional and plain culture and customs of Thailand.


The Grand Palace in Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, is the most perfectly preserved the most spectacular, the largest, and fullest of the national characteristic, elegant Royal Palace. Located in the center of the capital of Bangkok, it is the symbol of Bangkok Dynasty, the Thailand first tourist and shopping destination.

Siam Square in Thailand

Have watched the movie of “Siam love”, you must have been touched by the movie’s pure love story. Thailand, the country full of local customs, embodies the most pure national characteristics. Siam Plaza is located in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, famous for its shopping and entertainment mall. Here you can buy high quality and inexpensive goods.






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