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You cannot miss Xidan in Beijing if you want to be in fashion. here is one of the busiest shopping  street in Beijing, where has gathered large number of world brand stores, shopping malls. I will recommed you some major shopping malls in Xidan.


The Xidan Shopping Center in Beijing


The Xidan shopping centre is a new modern integrated shopping mall, which is located in the the most prosperous downtown area of Xidan with a building area of ten thousand square meters. The main building is magnificent with luxurious and elegant decoration.Gathering all kinds of brand goods as well as wholesale and catering, it is a good one-stop shopping and leisure place.

The Xidan shopping mall

The Xidan shopping mall is a well-established shop in Beijing with a long history of 70 years. The consumer target before was common people, but now is gradually turning to the high-end level with international brands and relatively high prices.


The Joy City of Xidan is a new large shopping area, another Xidan new symbol. The JOY CITY  has attracted a great many of young people by the world famous brands. But what makes here very considerate is that each layer have places to eat and drink to let you enjoy the leisure time while shopping; it is really a very comprehensive shopping place.




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