The latest shopping guides in Jeju Island, South Korea

shopping in Korea

I will bring you with the latest and comprehensive shopping guides of Jeju Island, South Korea, and let you enjoy the most fashionable shopping sites.The Cheju Airport duty-free shop is the only duty free shop in Korea that the native people can go shopping, and as long as you are the tourist to Cheju, you can go shopping here. The Cheju Airport duty-free shop has as many as 4000 kinds of products of domestic and international famous brands. 

At the traditional fairs of Jeju, there are daily necessities and agricultural products of full range, with low prices. You can also feel the real life of the native Jeju people shopping here. Besides, the local honey, dry jade snapper, and Halla peak citruses can be found in all large supermarkets.


there is another place to go, that is the Silla duty free shop of Jeju Island. The beautiful landscape will make your shopping also very pleasant. A superb collection of beautiful, fashion commodities of low prices coupled with frequent various promotional activities will allow you to return with a lot of your favs.

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