How does the “first lady” of the United States shopping



The first lady not always watch on jewelry wholesale, but often go to supermarket. Quotes Michel’s words to report: ‘I will start from the right side of Dominick’s supermarket and finally to the product area to buy fruits and vegetables and then make the purchase. I will stay in the outer channel, better to avoid purchasing the packaged food. ’

The article mentions the importance of proposing a checklist: ”The checklist should be put according to the purchase of commodities so as to avoid cruising in the market, for example products such as eggs, milk and meat, canned food such as dry cargo and frozen products. So you shall know where to go or what you need thus avoiding impulse shopping.”


Michel states: “Before moving into the White House, I was the main buyer in the family……I am definitely crazy about making lists, and also enjoy the efficiency brought by the list for it allows me to avoid buying a bunch of things you don’t need.”



According to the investigation of “let’s move”, Wednesday night is the most popular shopping time. “Whenever you decide to go shopping, remember that never go in hungry because that will lead you off the shopping list.”

If you are a firm fan of snack food then eat healthily. Michel has make a list of some food options, such as flavor popcorn, nuts, frozen peas, dried fruit, low-fat yogurt, chickpeas, Mexico pizza and so on.

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