July 7th online shopping is so popular

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July 7th day is seen as Chinese Valentine’s Day by many people and also the time when a lot of couples express their love, share the romance. The flower shop and gift shop will make a lot of money.  As the Internet becomes more and more important in people’s life, the online shopping becomes more popular in current days. Many young people turn to internet to order a bouquet of flowers or a gift for lovers.    


Xiao Liao is a sophomore student and this year is his first “July 7th day” with his girlfriend. But because of their summer vacation, they have to spend their “July 7th day” online. Xiao Liao told reporters that he customized a beam of flowers to his girlfriend through online and she had received it this morning.


online shopping 

The reporter then login the online flower shop recommended online and find it is a very  healthier shopping way. With homepage covered with “July 7th day” and other gifts of flowers pictures, users can order products directly and even choose their own combination of flowers and packaging , then fill in the order to ensure. They pay for via a credit card, online bank payment, visa card payment, cash remittance payment, which are so convenient.

Many young people say online shopping is not only convenient, but also can give lover a surprise through the network to purchase July 7th day gifts.

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