The supermarket shopping experience shared by the first lady

Michelle Obama


“The first lady” Michelle Obama in theUnited States, has been advocating healthy eating. The sports official website which she vigorously promote “let us move” opens a course entitled “the supermarket shopping article 101”, the course introduce Michelle’s supermarket shopping experience. “the supermarket shopping article101”including Michelle how to choose the purchasing time、her supermarket procurement line etc is writen by Michelle, it aims at teaching consumers how to get away from junk food and train their healthy eating. You can find Some interesting goods from Michelle Obama’s recommendation in .



“You draw up the shopping list , take Shopping cart, Let’s go shopping! First probably glances at the shop to look at all the location of the products, such as agricultural products, fresh meat and milk products area, usually the fresh products accounts for the most of the shopping list. Like homecoming dress  you want to buy in the supermarket, you should go their straight. ” “Steer clear of the channels where puts the biscuits, sweets and carbonated beverage Until you buy together all the things on the list until you buy all the things on the list together. At this time she shopping cart should have been full, his could reduce your desire for the unnecessary goods”.

” Going to the necessaries of life area always can train yourself to develop a healthier shopping mode and shorten your stay time in the shop .

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