New York, the paradise for shopping

shopping in New York


When shopping in New York, you can go to Macy’s inManhattan, select sound in the electrical appliance chain stores and buy fashionable clothing in GAP. You can sit in shopping malls to appreciate the beautiful view on the other side of the river inNew Jerseywhile holding a brown paper bag full of American fast food. As another way to shopping, you will find lots of sellers shopping online like aliexpress. In New York, you can see a chain of stores called CONSUMERS wherever you are. Buy things here can be much cheaper than anywhere else. There are no products in the store, consumers check what they want through the books found in the store and through computer searches, the things will be delivered into your hand very soon.

When shopping in New Yorkyou must visit the big bookstores and record stores. The bigger the bookstore is the better, best to big enough for you to wander half a day without even finishing when walk in. Barnes & Noble in DoWNtoWN (6AVE/22St) has nine stores with only café shop but also with tables and chairs available to play staples, there are “customers” who sit there reading without buying things. The clerk won’t be stingy to give you supercilious look.

New Yorkis a place with the most boutique shopping and specialty shops. You can buy expensive clothes onMadison Aveor you can stroll the 7Ave for fashion look just like tourists shop along theTimes Squarearea, the selection of computer and photographic equipment is also breathtaking atMadison Ave.

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