The Internet promotion techniques

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1. Beware of businessman’s words technique

Every B2Cwebsite may insert some words and picture to describe commodity in detail, which can makes people full learn the appearance and product, function, advantage and disadvantage. This kind of description is so elaborated that you can learn better about the product. In fact, there are some techniques.

For the common products, they are exaggerated when being introduced. In fact, the actual function is not so complete, they will gain functional and effect through words. Anyhow, this technique really works very often, because many people know very little about the product, they tent to think it is just as what the salesman say.

The online promotion

2. Beware of selling seconds at best quality prices

It is hard to judge the product because of the virtuality of the Internet. People can choose what to buy and then pay for it at entity store. However, on the Internet, you buy it according to the picture, instead of entity product, which exist some certain risk. For example, some salesmen sell the seconds at best quality prices. Very often, the second’s products are the somewhat best seller in the market. Because the store is much, the old editions exits pretty much, you must pay more attention to it.

So how to tell whether it has renewed or not, here the some tips. see whether the phone has anti-counterfeiting, and call the manufactures to verify. A more simple way is to see whether there is some trace of being twisted of the screw. It is better to compare carefully, otherwise, you may buy a second hand.

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