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Online shopping 

Tip 1: DHgate reviews told us that “Diamond” can be false don’t just look at the credibility and collectibles

Perhaps you find that you will easily see some illegal advertisements such as“give brush drill, red crown, collection so long as you make the payments”, credibility seems to be the biggest problem with online shopping. Now you can get “red credibility” so long as you spend the money. So the high degree of credibility and collectibles could be obtained by buying with money. If you want to make purchase online and choose sellers all these can be a reference but should not be believed wholly. You should know that some sellers with low credibility earns their credibility through the accumulation of buyers, that credibility is true though low, otherwise those shops can earn a few drill within two months have larger suspicious.

Tip 2: Look carefully at the evaluation given by buyers

You can see the records of sales and evaluation of the seller within three months if you open the records. These are the basis for you to judge the credibility of a seller. Do not just look at the few pages in front try to read a few more pages, the more buyers write about the shopping experience the realer the record is. You should also look at the bad judges as well as high praise in the assessment and check the reasons, if these are because of express delay or sending the wrong goods then can be excused so long as it’s not the problem of quality.

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