The way I see appliance merchant price war

appliance merchant price war


DHgate Review shows that recently, many people are talking about the electric business price, but we are not domestic electric company, so we’d better stay away from it. We think the price marketing is really a kind of marketing tool. Doing some promotion, or making discount periodically are very good marketing means. Recently, our eighth anniversary has a big promotion activity.But we cannot always rely on price promotion, or some measures at the expense of profits. We have our own opinions on price marketing.


We hope the price war is periodic that will soon be over, or just illuminate the enterprise marketing in some periods, and the real war is toward service. Our feature is that all our users are some pampered people in overseas markets. They’ve got all kinds of service training, they can return, can not pay for goods if they are not satisfied on it. Its the best if your prices are cheep, but which cannot be the excuse for any defects on you products. Although our customer Dunhuang network has a foothold in China, what we take out are made in China, but our service must be world-class. This is our cognition that we received at great expense after many years of exploration.

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