Collocation between face and new clothes

The dressing can not only modify the body type, but also the face. As long as the selection of suitable clothing, “high white skinny ” is not a problem.

For the round face, doll face MM, can try V collar, scoop, and small V-neck dress. This black suspenders skirt of large V collar of invincible shopping is very popular in recent years, is absolutely invincible of single product, it not only highlights the perfect exquisite curves, which is very sexy, but also can let you immediately become a star whether it is a motorcycle jacket, short or worn alone,

Square face MM can try to select small collar, low neck and Peterpan collar. Peterpan led in recent seasons, the Chloe Miu Miu brand used it in large numbers, and concise generous PETERPAN neck is sweet ladies’ favorite collar. This simple and random match of invincible shopping is a typical European style, and square face mostly is wide and large, gives people a very strong feeling of edges and corners, low round neck design with sexy collarbone, alleviate the hardness feel and make face look smaller.

For girls with small and oval face, boat collar, choker collar, doll collar clothes and other casual dresses are good choices. Among them, the best is boat collar, which can soften lines, highlight the elegance. Invincible shopping is the taste of mature female. 

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