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Occasion dresses

Recently the America famous fashion magazine released “the Word’s Best-dressed Award 2012”, the British loved Princess Kate was on the top. This was the third time for Kate to won the Best -dressed Award. We found something from the inquiry which was conducted in surveying the dressing of Kate in the past two years, Kate favorite color is blue, and accounted for 21% of their clothing. At the same time, the light-colored gray was also loved by Kate, accounted for 16% of her clothing. Kate refused to hire private clothing designer, and sometimes she went to the parity mall for “shopping”, in order to be closed with her “fans” from the dress. And her thrifty style has been praised for British royal family.

Similarly, the Queen who has a daughter-in-law also was blue color amateur, she selected to dress the various shades of blue suit to attend a number of important occasions. The fair-skinned Elizabeth II to wear any color was still very beautiful, the British flag color we guessed was also displayed on the leftmost match. No matter deep or light, the queen’s shoes , handbags were black, to take a low-key to foil the protagonist. Kate princess boomed several British fashion brands, such as L.K, Bennett, Issa, etc. All the brands had a common characteristic, that is the reasonable price, facing to the intermediate elite women, rather than the big international brands that others could not dream of . So when these brand wore by the Princess, immediately became to hot.

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