America Became to Be The Largest Country of Wine Consumption

The famous American wine advisory body Gomberg Fresdrikson & Associates data shown that, in 2010, the American wine imports increased by 2% compared with 2009, up to 329.7 million boxes, the news came from Huaxia Wine Newspaper, the French imports was 320.6 million boxes in the same time.

The company CEO Jon Fredrikson said that, the per capita win consumption in France was still high than American, but the America had a large population, which was five times of French. Moreover, many American young people began to be interested in wine, the marketers have been continued to use the social media to impact the new consumer group. “In America, the status of wine is indeed rising gradually, has become to be one part of people’s life. This is a important change in nearly 20 years”.

the survey data shown that, in 2010, the American wine retail sales increased by 4%, up to 30 million dollars. The California wine production rose by 2% compared with 2009, reached to 241.8 million boxes.

“The Unites States has become the number one wine consumption country, the global main wine producers will regard it as the target market, everyone will want to sell the wine to America.” said by Fredrikson.



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