Holiday Shopping Paradise – Fashion Beijing apm


People traveled on Mid-autumn Festival and National Day caused a heavy highway jam, travelers stranded in the station of large cities, major of scenic spots were overcrowded.

As the consumers shopping paradise, Beijing amp shopping mall in the two Festival also ushered in the peak holiday traffic. The shopping mall were crowded, which give a deep impression to consumers and the industry. The ancient and elegant decorations of Beijing apm shopping center are ravishing, the ancient decoration and fashion decorations are fused skillfully, show its unique style and strong shopping culture. The shopping center decorated new, the unique festival elements as its watching focus, further contrasted to the cultural atmosphere of traditional festival, provided the exquisite visual enjoy for customers, decorated the shopping center to be a art paradise for customers shopping.

It is understood that, in order to meet the needs of different customers, Beijing apm shopping center successively combined brands after changed its name in 2008, optimized for the brands orders, and upgraded them. Description: the Beijing apm is the holiday shopping center in customers minds, its ancient and elegant decorations impressed people and amazed the industry. It would optimized the brands combination and orders to meet the needs of different customers.

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