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Yet another year passed. Reviewing digital cameras in 2014, the market is still dog-eat-dog. The Big Three – SONY, Panasonic and Canon still occupy most parts of the whole market. Other brands benefit from their own skills and ideas. For example, SAMSUNG introduced VP-D6050Si. This type applies double lens design and it has 5.2 million static shot pixels which is the highest static shot pixel. In addition, JVC also launched a built-in micro hard disk which has historical significance. This hard disk can work as storage medium for Everio series digital cameras.You may learn security camera installation
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4 million pixels and 3 CCD’s temptation – Panasonic GS400

At present, Panasonic GS400 digital cameras is worth of about 10 thousand. This is the highest cost efficient type. This 3 CCD digital camera will appear in this summer. This is another bombshell for digital camera market from Panasonic since GS200.
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GS400 applies three pieces 1/4.7 inch and CCD image sensor of 1.07 million pixels. It has 4.1 million static pixels which is the highest static resolution among civil digital cameras. Meanwhile, under the condition of weak level, CCD image sensor of large size has better performance than that of GS70 which applies 1/6 inch. Another attractive advantage is that it applies Panasonic optical anti-vibration system. It is well known that Panasonic 3CCD types, like GS70/120/200, all apply electronic cost-effective anti-vibration system. Compare with these, GS400 applies optical anti-vibration system. “MEGA OIS”can offset holding shaking to reduce the influence of image. Its anti-vibration effect is much better than above types.


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