Buy Smart watches “sparkle” IFA gamble “wearable devices”

smartwatch 2013

Just in the other side of the ocean, American QUALCOMM Incorporated also launched a model “Top” buy smartwatch 2013 at the same time, which can play music, handle phone calls and message. This is the first model of “Mirasal” coloe screen buy Smart watch, which can allow you to read under the sunlight easily.
Apart from the wearable devices, the TV technology in this year’s IFA exhibition. One is that Samsung and LG launched arc TVs that adapt the OLED technique, the screen looks wider and the visual feeling is more vivid. The second is the very large flat-screen television, some can be 98 inches. The third is the 4K television, this super high defination television adapts the 4K image processing technology, the highest resolution ratio can be 38402160, the defination is 4 times that of the full high defination liquid crestal televisions. And the Internat televisions will be more popular. But the application of thetelevision technology also makes high of their prices, many new products’ price can be several thousand euros and even ten thousand euros. Besides, the digital household appliances also the focus of the exhibition. Many smart washing machines and smart fridges can be linked to realize operation through application procedure and smart cell phones, even the remote control.

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