Europe and the United States discount season hunters

christmas decorations

Every Christmas, strong festival atmosphere and rich activities also attract shopping spree.

“During Christmas period, Europe and the United States festival activities continued, with the winter discount season, it is a high time to travel to Europe, America.”A person who is responsible for traveling said that the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and other European or American countries are very popular for tourists. In traveling, shopping is also a very attractive activity. For example, going to a number of well-known shopping center called time for purchasing – the west coast of the United States 9 day -tour attracts many tourists.” With the euro, dollar to the RMB exchange rate glides all the way, people will spend more cost-effective in Europe and the United States discount season.”

Different from Europe and the United States’ lively atmosphere of celebration, Israel have a special Christmas atmosphere, with its rich cultural and religious history of Israel making Israel become numerous tourists’ preferred Christmas tour destination.The responsible person said, Israel has got more and more person’ favor who are keen to experience different lifestyle. Kaiser tour launched Israel Jordan 10 day-exploration and other tour products which will lead visitors to the birth church of Jesus, the 14 stations for crucifixion of Jesus and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher for feelings of culture and the power of belief in the Christmas period .



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