How to posture in wedding dress photos Share some posses tips from New couples

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KAPPA is a free advertisement. Usually, the couple seat in grass back to back and you could see trees in camera. This could let couples remind of their dating scene, the luxuriantly green grass and light cloud. The couple whispers sometimes, which is very gentle and put grass into photos to showing the harmony scene of nature and people. This posture could release their real emotion.
High-low posture
The bride and bridegroom in high-low posture would make the figure layout has sense of layers. Standing posture should fit to the match of suits, which decide the photo effect is naughty or dignity. This fit to couple’s height is close. The bride evening dresses for weddings must be fluffy that is the key point. If changes it into an ordinary veil than it will be normal. If couples stand up in a side, than they usually smile to each other, which could change them into a new angle to show their warm side as well as the sweet life.

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