Pure Natural Healthy Hair Coloring Method of Hair Ombre Hair Tutorial

Natural color and pure natural DIY hair coloring method: If you’re allergic to hair dyes or don’t want to pay for hair coloring, or worry about damaged hair, we can have many other ways to try, because we can find some DIY ombre hair tutorial ways in Chinese prescription and ancient books. Maybe the variegation effect is not good as chemical stain, natural and no toxic side effect, and make nature show us some color from head. Then how to ombre hair extensions at home?

how to ombre hair extensions at home

how to ombre hair extensions at home

1 Lemon Ombre Hair Tutorial Method:

Discoloration Effect Red
Corrosion of AHA in lemon has bleaching action with little stimulation to hair and scalp and mild decoloration, which is also said to be the coloring method of Karena Lam.
Coloring Steps :
{1} Prepare 8 lemons and juice them.
{2} Apply the lemon juice on hair.
{3} Apply lemon juice again after drying with hot wind and repeat it three times.
{4} Wrap up for 15 minute with hot towel after 3rd dying.
{5} Wash with warm water once a day. Two or three days later, hair turn dark red.

2 Chrysanthemum Ombre Hair Tutorial(you may find this at DHgate on line) Method:
Discoloration Effect Beige
Chrysanthemum, drink and Chinese herbal medicine, has no pigment in itself, but one of its components, amino acid has obvious discoloration function and Stevia and various vitamins and microelements can also maintain hair.
Coloring Steps:
{1} Soak 50 grams of of Chrysanthemum in boiling water for 20minutes;
{2} Soak all hair with Chrysanthemum water and wrap with hot towel for an hour , air dry and wash up with water;
{3} 3 to 5 days continuous use can have effect.

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