Steps to use LED strip lights to decorate special automobiles

color changing led strip

LED strip lights are still on the primary stage of the automobile decoration, now there are few cars decorated by LED lights. Then let’s make Guanghong electronics to help you build special cars.

The brake lights. Now most of the domestic automobile brake lights are in the rear side,  let’s make characteristic brake lights. Make the LED strip lights into the shape of pattern or word you like, there is excess or insufficient rgb led strip, how to do with it? It doesn’t matter, can be arbitrarily cut, also can be connected, does not affect the forming also won’t produce waste.

Well after the paste in the car after you think the best position, and then the power supply in parallel power brake light. So, when you step on the brake when the brake light words, your personality or luminous pattern will automatically appear, can be monochrome light, also can be red, green, blue, white color turns flashing, like traffic lights, is it right? Very interesting.

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