Tablet PC’s highlights and deficiencies

ainol novo 7 ax1
The highlight of the Tablet PC
Tablet PC’scan divided into two kinds, one kind is that it only have liquid displays, which only thicker than the ordinary ones; the other one have the same appearance as the laptops, however whose screen can rotate freely.
The android tablet not only can operate the Windows XP, but also the Windows XP- compatible applications, above all, it also support handwriting.Also some other tablets always equipped with phones call function, such as ainol novo 7 ax1.
Android tablet changes the way of using computers. It can use special pen to write on the screen, making the input as easy as writing on the papers. At the same time, the users also can use keyboard and mouse to input.
Android tablet can be carried and moved conveniently. It is smaller and lighter than laptops, so it can be carried to anywhere, more flexible than the desktop.

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