The latest sweet brazilian hair weave wigs change to the pretty girl at any time


If you want to use the “Korean trend” long brazilian hair weave wig to create more naughty senses, then don’t miss the following know different kinds of hair style and learn how to ombre. Through the uniwue hair dye modelling and the unique Korean style quality effect, you will have the gorgeous style after you weared this wig.

how to ombre

The light golden colored brazilian hair weave wig
“Decent exotic” long curly hair can have the senses that the natural black hair can’t emit.
The floating neat bang can create the naughty senses, and the little bud hairstyle modelling in the side also very sweet.
The light golden colored brazilian hair weave wig can create the exotic trend and foil the blonder facial face. Together with the lace hair, the maiden style is totally shown.
The golden brown eggroll wig
The eggroll hairstyle can intensely highlight the naughty senses and stereoscopic senses of the modelling. The thick side-divided bang can easily change the facial form to delicate face.
The naughty and sweet senses brought by the eggroll hairstyle is really attractive. And the golden brown dye hair is neither exaggerated nor old, it can make the style more delicate if it comibined with the naughty ornaments.
The linen golden long curly hair
The unque dye hair effect will enable you to think about the European style exotic trend, after make the straight hair a thick pigtail, the side shoulder mode let the whole modelling show an unique retro trend, the super long hair exerts excellently the beauty of the usual hair. But after the combination of the bright dye hair effect, it shows the conflict beauty of individuality and quality.

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