Eurasian group intend to invest 300 million to built the tonghua shopping center




Eurasian group evening announcement said in December, 2012, and the board of directors of the company adopted the “wholly owned subsidiary of Changchun Eurasian group Tonghua Eurasian shopping center co. LTD. Construction engineering project investment bill”.

The board of directors after careful research, agreed to Tonghua Eurasian self-raised funds investment 300 million yuan, the construction of shopping center Tonghua Eurasian construction project.The post said, tonghua Eurasian shopping center construction project is in the original tonghua Eurasian issue construction based on three layers of commercial housing.  After the completion of the project construction, Tonghua Eurasian construction area of 64000 square meters of the original increased to 128000 square meters, in TongHuaShi scale of operation is the largest, most complete varieties, the business management highest level, business environment the best shopping center position will be enhanced. Tonghua Eurasian construction project put into use, is expected to average annual rate of return on investment for the investment of 4% – 6%.Announcement said tonghua construction project, is the Eurasian Tonghua.

Eurasian development strategy important action.  It will not only improve the Tonghua Eurasian scale management ability, market competition ability and economic benefit, and to promote the sustained and healthy development, and for the future financial position and operating results have a positive impact.At the same time, the prosperity of Tonghua business market, meet the residents consumption, pull the local economy will play a positive role.      


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