The wholesalers: wander before the gate of the e-business

Compared with the retails, the wholesalers’ impact by the e-business is relatively short. Faced to the online purchasing of the clothes, the wholesalers consider a lot. And there are three modes as  follows: one is just have the off-line business, and don’t supply goods for the online shops,another is supply goods for both the online and off-line shops; and the third one is supply only for the online shops, not for the off-line shops.


Compared with the tangle of wholesalers, electricity traders mentality is much more active, they did not think of themselves as traditional wholesalers competitors, they emerged as gesture of partners, to popular new concept into wholesale all kinds of electrical business mind.

Markets: wants to cooperate and also has a sense of worrying

The e-business merchants compete in the wholesale clothes market, for the merchants of the traditional market, they have complex mindset, they want to cooperate as well as worrying. In the past, the online retailers did good, and many wholesalers did well off-line, they are too busy to consider the online businesses. In recent years, the wholesalers don’t feel very well after a period of try in the e-business area, because they are not familiar with the e-business principles, which are two totally different industry minds. Now the beneficial period of the e-business was passed. Even in the online shops, the commerce can’t escape from the “two-eight principle”, business includes both success and failure. The key is the boss himself, whether he has the e-business awareness and the opening envision, or the rights he gives to the e-business is enough.

And of course, we should take consideration of the factual persons whether they suit the e-business. Clothing wholesalers from offline to online, and the team and person are the most critical question, and now they lack talents.

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