With the costs increasing and the sale decreasing, the wholesalers tend to the e-business


In the Autumn and Winter clothing wholesale market, the price is increasing a lot, but that can’t deter the decreasing of the profits. Many clothes wholesalers said that the increasing clothes prices don’t bring them much profits, on the contrary, the general clothes profits is decreasing and the sales of the clothes also decreasing.

    The general whole clothes wholesale condition is decreasing and the sales quantity is also decreasing. Together with the increasing of the costs, the conditions of the clothes wholesalers become more hard.

    And many clothes wholesalers began to find ways out under the difficult situations. “From the end of last year I began to sell clothes online and hoped to improve the sale quantity. And I found the result is decent.” In deed, the Internet has become the oppotunity for the wholesalers. At the same time, a lot of domestic brands clothes e-business websites appeared, which supply good technology support and ways for the clothes wholesalers, and provide rapid ways for the wholesalers to enter the wholesale online at a low costs.

    According to the author, is the domestic numerous professional clothing wholesale clothing networking started as early as in the electric business platform, do a good site. Relying on clothing online purchase clothing stores more than 790000, more than 9000 clothing wholesalers in garment network, the scale of the sellers and buyers are among the industry first, is the new leader in China’s clothing wholesale. The broad customer resources, for clothing wholesalers all over the country, bring in more business opportunities, get rid of the status quo of sales is blocked.


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