5 skills you must learn about online shopping

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Money-saving skills for online shopping

 1 Choose big brands, no inferior brands

Online goods should have standard size and no need to try on first. If you want to buy clothes and shooes, you’d better try to write down the article number from the shopping malls and then purchase online. Because there are only pictures and descriptions by sellers online, so it’s important to choose big brands.

 2 First shop online from your city

You can try first to shop online from your city. not only it costs little freight, but also you can find the seller if there is any problem.

 3 Ask for invoices when shopping electrical appliances online

Prices of some small home appliances on Taobao are attractive. But a lot of them exclude invoice prices. You’d better ask for invoices even if you have to pay more, because it would be convenient so as to guarantee in the future.

4 Cautious about online bad review

In general, choose sellers with more than one drill, because 1 drill is equivalent to more than 250 good reviews. In Taobao’s credit system, it is difficult to get 1 drill through hypes. There are almost no sellers with 100% good reviews. So when you visit a new seller, look at the detail content of medium reviews and bad reviews. If the problem is about packing or shipping, it is negligible. However, if it is about the quality of products, you have to think seriously whether to buy or not. Moreover, the explanations from sellers are also important. Sellers with high credits will explain patiently and nicely, no personal abuse to buyers.

 5 Benefits for group buy

In order to save the freight fees, you can group buy what you want in one shop online after you search and scan the shop all over.

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