The online shopping tips

Now in the network age, online shopping has been very mature from a technical perspective. People can buy almost all the goods all over the world from home, play online games, make Internet phone calls, chat on the internet, and go to a bank website for remittance or paying the phone bill. The network brings great convenience to life. However, some people are worried about network security, afraid of being cheated or the disclosure of personal information, so many people scarely use network for shopping or trading. In fact the best defense is to learn how to distinguish the true from the false and correctly use network, in order to effectively avoid being deceived.

on line shopping tips

Take online shopping as an example. Firstly, check the site credibility. Generally, in order to increase the customer’s trust, web site has relatively complete formalities on the web for visitors to see, such as web site number for the record, and the business license photocopies, etc. Secondly, it is the online payment. There are several online payment companies in China: e-bank online payment, PayPal, cncard, easyeb, and Taobao alipay, etc. Through them you can choose your bank and on the bank’s web site you can enter the card number, password and other information to complete payment.

Distribution in general can be express or the post office parcel. The former costs a little bit more, but you can enjoy a door-to-door service while you have to go to the post office in person to fetch your parcel, which is more trouble. The first online shopping is adviced to buy some standard goods of low prices as a try.

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