Yiwu turns to the “hug” of foreign trade dealers and builds “global online goods center”

New network of Shanghai on 15 August, (reporter Li Jiajia) Selling Yiwu products to the global market, now in the severe exporting environment, Yiwu took the first step to “turn” to online shopping. 

Just as what was said before, are electric businesses the “gravedigger” of small commodity wholesale market? The answer is no. On 15th, Wang Shutong, the founder and CEO of DH-gate.com, Chinese well-known foreign trade business platform told media in Shanghai the “epoch-making” strategic steps of Yiwu market: Yiwu Municipal People’s government is cooperating with the DH-gate net to build “Yiwu global online goods center” together.

In the past 20 years, foreign trade merchants from the domestic and abroad got together in this place located in central part of Zhejiang province, an insignificant city, then Yiwu achieved the reputation of world’s small commodity wholesale market. However, with the forever gone of the golden age of traditional foreign trade, the situation of overseas customers coming in crowd reduced. The first problem they are facing is what Yiwu will make next step?

Developing foreign trade business seems to be the best choice of Yiwu market. More than 70000 businesses and tens of millions of kinds of commodities achieve seamless docking business platform. In the future, buyers from all over the world can make directly, through the warehousing logistics system of integration, the Yiwu commodities can be sold directly on the global market through online wholesale sales. This is the future operating mode of “Yiwu global online goods center”.

In fact, the turning of Yiwu to electric business is not accomplished at one stroke. People often say, walking in the Yiwu, the world’s small commodities wholesale market, it still takes you 3 months to go to each booth. Just because of this scale advantage, unlike Dongguan of Guangdong, Yiwu survived the impact brought by the sharp fall of foreign trade export during financial crisis; this is like “boiling frog in warm water” that results in the lack of dynamics of change.

For the “turning”, Secretary of the CPC Yiwu Municipal Committee Li Yifei said, as the world’s largest small commodity market, it is undergoing a great transformation.

In recent years, Yiwu gave play to the advantages of rich online goods resources, wholesome credit management system, convenient and developed logistics, develop the electronic commerce vigorously and realize the mutual win-win situation of entity and virtual market, achieving substantive results. Li Yifei said, at present, Yiwu City e-commerce industry is booming, especially cross-border e-commerce is developing very fast.

Starting late is really bad? The answer is still no. In the past, foreign trade B2B just showed information. As for inventory, quantity and quality, they had to communicate off the line. This kind of displaying information mode can’t meet the needs of online shopping of overseas buyers. While Yiwu global online goods center is matched with complete online supply chain of online and offline storage & logistics system, payment and service, to ensure that the Yiwu small commodities market can provide the global market with complete and timely goods. This was also seen as a major innovation of foreign trade in the field of B2B.

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